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About me…

So I take it you wound up on my site because A; I bragged about it to you, B; I requested you to take part in my information, or B; You “Googled” my name.

I am James Ching or also referred to as XxProudxGamerxX, I am the age of 16 as of August 27th 2015, was born in the US in 1999 and am in 11th grade at Wyoming High School. I am involved in computer science as my full time hobby and repair as part time. I have always taken computers as an interesting tool and experience. I got my first play with laptop when I was 8 and installed Windows 98 onto it. From then on I learned more and more about the way they work from of countless attempts to make them better, to simply repairing them. I got my first modern laptop when I was 12 from my fathers co worker, along with a thank you card with $10. First time I was payed for my efforts, for retrieving past data from it, I fixed it and Installed Windows 7 (Just needed to flush out the RAM data and put on more thermal paste). After a while, that broke because I have siblings and I bought an iBook G3 with a PPC processor at 800Mhz clock speed with 720MB of RAM and a 30GB HDD. I then started my interest in macs. After a while of me messing around with macs I ended up with four of them, I sold the 2 iMacs and recycled the 2 iBooks. Now I just have my Dell XPS 420 modified. I love to make websites, edit configurations, and game. In Javascript I am great with plugins, modifying jar files, and setting up servers.

Recently though, I started a job at Russ’ as a cook and disher. I bought a Honda Scrambler 1973 CL125S and a Nissan Altima GXE 1998, both vehicles are fully paid as well. I started doing work to the motorcycle as it was sitting for over 25 years in a garage and is 43 years old. It looks great though even if it was a 20 year old bike. I even made a video about it. I firstly, before anything. removed the gas tank, cleaned out any loose particles inside and flushed out the old gas residue, patched the hole in the gas tank which is now barely noticeable. You have to know it’s there to see it. Replaced the super clogged petcock valve, fuel lines, tore apart the carbs and cleaned thoroughly before reassembling it to the engine. I replaced the ignition coil, spark plug, and bought a new battery. Replaced the grease in the throttle. I also cleaned the clutch cable and cleaned the brakes and added brake and fork fluid. Everything works. Engine turns over, lights all work, brakes both work, front and back drums, clutch, shifter for the 5-speed manual tranny, and brake lights along with horn and turn signals. I haven’t done anything to the car except replace the dash light under the shifter to see it at night. I also added speakers to the back with a sub-woofer for deeper audio. I do, however, need to replace a crack in the windshield, minor, but annoying. Here is a picture of me next to them below.

Nissan Altima GXE 1998 Honda CL125S Scrambler 1973

So now that you know a bit about me, I have left my contact information along with my reference page at the top menu if you wish to check that out. Thank you for taking a look at my reference site, sincerely, me!

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