So if you have read my “About me…” post then you are doing awesome! If not please visit it here. So let’s continue now.

Thanks for visiting my reference site again! Here is some things you may use to contact me. Please do not distribute this information or spam it. Anything that resembles spam will be blocked.

If you wish to email me please do so towards the following address: ssjamesching(@) – When doing so be sure to set the “subject” line to “Business” so I know that it’s important. Spamming or anything inappropriate will be flagged and then marked as spam.

If you would like to find out information regarding personal references please email me same as above and I will get back to within 48 hours. If you absolutely need to contact me urgently for a serious question or regards to business related subjects, please call me at the following: +1 (616) 531 4727.

Remember to use these references only for business related stuff. Thanks again, sincerely, James.

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